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What we offer


BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Performance and Excellence) 

Level 2 Extended Certificate in Sport 

Higher National Diploma (HND) in Sport Coaching and Development 


The courses offered at FSE embed a strong understanding and extended knowledge of the sports industry. Our diplomas are vocational and work-related, where they have the same academic value as A-levels but focus on a practical approach to learning. A BTEC allows you to undertake a set number of units that you will need to pass but there aren't any end of year exams that you would need to complete. 

Our HND programme is eligible to those who have completed a BTEC qualification or equivalent. 


BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Performance and Excellence)

The level 3 qualification is a two year course that incorporates many elements of the sports industry with 19 units to study over the duration of the course. 

You will gain a valuable insight into the sports industry as a whole, with units covering the fitness, coaching, therepy, performance and business domains of the sport to name a few. Students will learn in a variety of ways, with practical lectures, online sessions and individual/group learning. 

Our range of teaching experiences prepares students for a direct pathway into higher education or the sports related workplace. 

The teaching staff have a diverse experience in the sporting world and you'll also have the opportunity to extend your knowledge with relevent work experience throughout the course.

What you need: Five GCSEs at grade C or above, which includes mathematics and English language. 


Level 2 Extended Certificate in Sport

The level 2 course has been put in place to enable learners who do not achieve the acceptance criteria for the level 3 course to stay in further education and progress their knowledge. The course will allow you to develop a broader understanding of the sports sector while also providing you with some practical skills that will aid your competence in a workplace. 

After successful completion of the level 2 course, students are then able to progress on the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Performance and Excellence) course that we offer here. 

What you need: two GCSEs at grade D or above in any subject.


Higher National Diploma (HND) in Sport Coaching and Development 

The two year programme, that is open to students who have completed their BTEC or A-level qualifications, will provide another pathway to enhance their knowledge about the sports industry. The programme provides the opportunity to develop an understanding of the roles of sports development and coaching, as well as being able to learn and practice managerial skills that can be an opportunity to top up the HND into a fully fledged degree with an additional third year of study. 

Hands-on Experience 

Students have the opportunity to partake in relevent work experience with ProStars sports coaching company and Forest Active Community Trust (F.A.C.T) charity organisation throughout their time here. 

Did you know?

FSE run its own football squad that is open to all students. Fixtures are played throughout the year with weekly training sessions delivered by a UEFA B licence coach.