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HNC Semester One

The Higher National Diploma in Sport is a two year course. By completing the first year, you will gain a Higher National Certicate in Sport (HNC). 

At University, the year is split into two semesters. During each semester (15 weeks), you will study four different units. During the first semester you will cover the following units:

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, LIFESTYLE AND WELL BEING: During this unit, you will learn about the impact physical activity and your lifestyle can have on your overall health. You will explore, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well as the risk factors of a sedentary lifestyle. By the end of the unit you will design a lifestyle improvement programme for a specific client. 


APPLIED SPORTS COACHING: This unit will provide you with the knowledge and skills to deliver a successful sports coaching session (or series of sessions) in a variety of different sports. You will learn about theories surrounding successful teaching and learning and you will also apply this understanding by delivering a six week training programme to a sports team. 


TRAINING AND FITNESS FOR SPORT AND EXERCISE: In this unit, there is a combination of theoretical and applied learning contexts. You will learn about the principles of fitness training before examining these pricniples in a practical context. You will learn how to use practical techniques in training enviornements which will give you a greater understanding of how to deliver successful training sessions for contrasting athletes. 


THE EVOLUTION OF SPORTS DEVELOPMENT: This unit starts with a historical view of sports development and gives an insight into the principles and concepts which have influenced its growth. The unit then explores models and philosophies that have strengthened and modernised sports developments work. By the end of the unit you will explore strategies which influence sports development today.