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HND Semester Two

During the second semester of your second year, you will study the following units:


RESEARCH PROJECT: This is one of the most rewarding units you will complete. During this unit, you will have the opportunity to research an area of the sports industry which interests you. You will learn how to complete a research project following the correct procedures and you will then use this knowledge to complete your own research project. This unit is particularly useful if you are planning on completing a third year. The skills you learn in this unit are particular relevant for your dissertation in the third year.


ANALYSIS OF SPORTS PERFORMANCE: This unit provides you with the opportunity to form an in depth analysis of a player and a team of your choice. You will learn different methods of analysing performance and you will use this understanding to conduct your own analysis of a player and a team. When analysing a player or team you will focus on the following areas: technical and tactical, physiological, physical and psychological. 


EVENT MANAGEMENT IN SPORT AND LESUIRE: This unit provides you with the opportunity to understand how events are planned, organised and delivered in the sport and lesuire industry. By the end of the unit, you will use the skills which you have learnt to plan, organise and lead an event of your choice. You will then review the planning and delivery of the event to help you with your future development. 


MANAGING SPORTS DEVELOPMENT: This unit builds on the work you did in the first year unit 'The Evolution of Sports Development.' During this unit, you will study specific sports development schemes in more depth to gain a greater understanding of how they are impacting the sports industry. In addition, you will also design and manage your own sports development scheme.